lisa (lonely_eyes) wrote in stupid_boys,

Even Though You're Next To Me, I Still Feel So Alone...

Hello. I'm new. :) My name's Lisa, I'm 16 and from Chicago. I was dating this guy name Nate, who's 17, for about 2 months. Last Friday, he called me as always, and we talked for about an hour. Then he told me he might not be able to talk to me every day like we usually do because he's been in a lot of trouble and 'wants to get on his parents good side.' I didn't mind because I didn't want to get him in trouble or anything. Well, last night, my cell rang and it was Nate's number, so I picked up. Instead of it being Nate, it was his cousin Joe. He said he called because he had to tell me something that Nate didn't want to. He told me that on new years Nate was drunk (which I knew about) and he had sex with his ex-girlfriend, but felt too guilty to tell me, so he made him (his cousin) tell me. That's all I wanted to say at the moment. I have a lot of other stupid boy stories I'll share sooner or later. :)
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