Ashley (strangercandy) wrote in stupid_boys,

One post just to rant

So I was searching interests on live journal and I came across this community...and I have to all should be ashamed of yourselves. Cutting and crying over boys? Talk about lame!! I am a chick, VERY much a female in fact, and most of my friends are GUYS. Whoa, I guess I am going to hell now. Oh thats sarcasm there...
Anyways, yea so guys make break a heart or two or act like an asshole or something. But girls are the exact same way..if not worse!! The reason most my guys are friends is because most girls are bitchy, gossiping, and too emotional.

Don't any of you dare say that is wrong either. I know for a fact its true. I have had a g/f before because I thought "oh man guys suck, I should become bi." That was the shittyest idea I ever had. Girls are JUST as bad and I see many boys get their hearts broken by girls that think they are "players."

OR maybe the reason so many guys are dumping you girls is because all you do is bitch about how sucky guys are. Crybabies. Emo REJECTS! Oh how I hate emo kids. Always cutting and crying over their problems instead of doing something about them.

Now don't get me wrong, for the ones that have been raped by the male gender. I'm sorry that had to happen, you DO have a reason to be angry at least. But everybody else...GET A LIFE you're a disgrace to woman

I had to let that one out ;)

I <3 thee cock
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that was hot...

i love the vag, but not a giant bleeding one like many of the females in this community seem to have
i like the penis.
i like boys.
boys aren't stupid.
Yah most of my friends are guys too... :( am I going to Hell 2 ???
yup i really like you!
i just love this rant!

i like that penis and the vag, but i know guys suck...and girls are bitches lol!