Dan (anti_emo2289) wrote in stupid_boys,

Pompous Bitches!!! All of You!!

along the lines of what strangercandy said, you may think that boys suck now and that they will only make your life worse... guess what, YOU CAN'T CO-EXIST IN LIFE WITHOUT A MALE FIGURE IN YOUR LIFE!!! i mean,lets think about it... if you ever want to have a baby, or procreate, to spread your polluted little genes (polluted {i'd like to clarify}Not because you are a girl, but because you are fucking ignorant) down through a new generation, guess what, YOU NEED A MAN!!!! whoa, little light ont he subject there.... now, you may think you are clever (which, most ass-uredly you are not) that "oh well i'll just get artificaially inseminated so i don't have to deal with men" well guess what, you know where that white stuff they inject into you comes from?!?!?!?! hmmmmmm????? you guessed it... MEN i mean, no matter what you do... you cannot run away from the fact that you will have to or have had come into contact with some part of a man somewhere.... even if you don't breed (which i suggest none of yo do), guess what? you have chromosomes which originally came from your fathers semen in your body!!! little closer to men than you think... so, you may want to parade around on your high horse thinking that you are superior to men... remember this, there is a little bit of us males, in EVERY ONE OF YOU and don't you ever forget it...

also, if you think about it... think of the things that males have produced, invented, and manufactured, which you take today for granted... below is a short list

-light bulb-Thomas Edison
-Telephone-Alaxander Graham Bell
-Microchip-Jack Kilby
-Safety Razor-King C Gillette (important for you emo kids out there)
-Compact Disc-James T Russel
-Internal combustion powered automobile-Karl Benz
-wireless telegraphy (main idea, precursor to television)-Guglielmo Marconi
-transistor (basic component used in virutally all electronic devices today)-Bill Shockley, John Bardeen, Walter Brittain
and finally.... THE TAMPON was invented by Dr. Earle Cleveland Haas,

these are just a few of the numerous contributions males have made to make YOUR life better....

with that being said, i would like to say, that i am a man, with a FULL set of reproductive organs, also with man friends who happen to be female, who would refer to me as a "sensitive caring kinda guy"
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