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Hi. I'm Easter,I'm Asian and new here. I never knew I could find a community where I could share my point of view which is the same with the other GIRLS. Man...boys just always makes me cry. I realized that they would only notice you if either 1) you have that 'super model look' 2) if you could be affectionate enough to them so that they know some girl "takes care" of them 3)If you like them first...then they'll like you back. For me, it's so lame to fall in love with guys at the moment. They also need to grow-up as well. I have been in-love with this guy for 7 years. He told one of my bestfriends that he likes me and such...then,i found out after a few days that he really has the eyes for my bestfriend!(yeah,the one he told about that he likes me)

Who would trust boys like that? All those times I only had eyes for him. The point is, why would he tell such a lie? He shouldn't have told my bestfriend those stuff that he likes me and all so that everything would be much better. And to add, all the guys that I really like ended up liking my bestfriends. Well, except for my ex-boyfriend but he sucks now because he's so damn immature and I really don't care about guys at the moment.

I do hope that I'm welcome to this community...And I'm sorry my dearests for the long entry. ;)
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i've seen longer post trust me MUCH longer!
Wait so if you girls dislike boys what are you attracted to?
do you think ALL boys are bad?