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boys are badd heehee

i'm new: i'm meggi, 18, i even have an AIM screenname madatboys.... heehee

so i am working at friendly's for the summer. well, this dood who's 31 kept coming in for a while stalking this girl michelle who works there. so 4th of july night, after work, he comes in and starts badgering her, so i tell him he can drive me home..

so we get to my house and i dont want to go in, because i'm stoopid. so we go try to find a party but we canttttt cause he's stoopid, so we go get a box of wine and go to nantasket beach :). then i get so drunk i pass out under his immense body which is smothering me like hell, and he calls an ambulence and leaves me there because he doesnt want to go to jail

haha i forgive him though.. he's cute. see i'm bad too :(

boys have always hurt me....... it's the way of life :(

<3 you all/
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